Our services provide a comprehensive strategy for a successful presence on the web.

Website Design & Development

Web Design, Windhoek, Namibia
All our websites are designed and developed from scratch, giving you not only a unique presence on the web, but also one that is tailor-made to fit your needs.
Once you have approved the design, we develop/programme the website using best practices in html, css, javascript, jquery, php and mysql.

Responsive vs Standard

Responsive Web Design

A website can be designed in one of two ways: Standard or (more recently) Responsive.


A Responsive website is one which has a flexible layout which will respond based on the device used to view the site (from smartphones to tablets to computers). The advantage is an optimised user experience on all devices. A mobile friendly website will also be given preference in Google rankings when a user is searching on a mobile device. A responsive design is therefore recommended, although it is slightly more expensive.


Want to save on costs? Then a standard website may be the best option for you and you may be able to convert it at a later stage.

Web Maintenance & Updates

Web Maintenance and updates

So who what happens when the site is live and you want to make changes?

We offer two options:

Prefer to leave the technical stuff to someone else?

When you need something changed on your site, whether a single image or text edit or a whole site overhaul, Blue Crane is always on-hand and rates are reasonable.

Need to regularly update certain sections of your site and would like to do it yourself?

We create an easy-to-use Admin section where you can update those areas of your site which you have specified. This might be a gallery, news items, videos or products & prices.

Rankings & Stats reports

Website performance and Stats reports

Statistics showing details of your website's performance on the web is made available to you via Google Analytics. Search Engine Rankings reports (how your website ranks on Google and other Search Engines) are available on request.


Search Engine Optimisation Namibia

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves using certain methods to gain a good ranking on Google and other Search Engines, based on targeted keyphrases. Different SEO options are available depending on your requirements.

Domain registration & Hosting


Blue Crane works with a third party hosting company to offer a reliable domain registration (.com, .org, .net) and hosting package to its clients. Should you already have a hosting company or wish to host with your ISP, Blue Crane will work with your chosen company.



Photoshop to HTML

Have your own designer? Blue Crane can convert your design (Photoshop) into a high quality website using best practices in html, css, javascript, php and mysql.

HTML Email Signatures

Add a professional look to your emails with a graphic or HTML signature.


Should copywriting services be needed, Blue Crane works with a professional copywriter with a top-notch international portfolio.

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